ZeeTee is a Canadian company with its head office in Sarnia, Ontario.

We specialize in imaging: security systems, surveilance equipment, infrared thermal imaging and industrial photography.

Located in SW Ontario since 2008, we have had a presence in the GTA (where we specialize in town house complexes) and in Sarnia, home to Ontario's petrochemical industry.

With more than 20 years experience in surveilance camera installations, thermal/infrared imaging and industrial photography, we know a thing or two about adapting, getting the job done and bringing solutions to the table.

We have worked on construction sites, high-rise roofs, crawl spaces, industrial sites and large apartment and condo complexes with hundreds of tenants. From $400 per site.

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ZeeTee security and surveilance equipment installation

ZeeTee thermal infrared imaging technologists Our sister company, Guide-IR Canada is the Canadian agent for the prestigious range of Guide infrared imagers used by industry, fire fighters, border control and security organizations.


MCC infrared imaging thermal town house aluminium wiring hydro panel infrared thermal imaging MCC transformer building thermal imaging SW Ontario Canda insulation
Our technologists have electrical safety training, arc flash and confined space certifications. Predictive maintenance of MCC rooms is the industry standard because of the costly consequences of replacing equipment and downtime.
Guide infrared high definition professional infrared camera patented technology
We specialize in scanning hydro panels of large town house complexes. Aluminium wiring and fuse panels in older units present intricate challenges that our expert team has a lot of experience of. With the experience of more than 4,000 of these reports behind us, we lead the field in this area.
GUIDE INFRARED M8 infrarted imaging camera
Compressors, starters, hot bearings, failing gearboxes, transformers, and high voltage connections can all be inspected for predictive maintenance. We can assist in planning inspection routes that prioritize upstream equipment and gear without neglecting important downstream connections, fuses, etc.
Guide E2 infrared imaging camera GUIDE INFRARED Canada
Flat roofs present challenges in finding the source of leaks but infrared thermal imaging can help. Failed insulation and thermal breaks in the building envelope can be detected by experienced technologists.


ZeeTee is a proud sponsor of the Association of Infrared Imaging Technologists. Our technologists are certified and tested proficient for the tasks that they perform. Reports are audited by appropriately certified senior technologists.

exclusive Canadian wholesale distributors for various product lines such as Guide infrared thermal imaging cameras for thermography, security, online monitoring, military, police, fire fighting, medical, petrochemical and building inspection

Canadian manufacturer of professional photographic studio equipment such as soft boxes, umbrellas and strobes

Infrared imaging and thermography services provided by aIIT certified thermographers throughout Canada

Contact: Adele at ( 519) 336-1836 or ac.eeteez@eleda

Sarnia, London, Kitchener, Missisauga, Brampton, GTA specialists in security and surveilance camera networking, thermal imaging with infrared technology. Housing, apartments and town house complex security and hydro panels scanning for insurance purposes. Industrial MCC rooms predictive maintenance, insulation and building envelope maintenance

Surveilance camera networks, security monitoring, thermal infrared imaging, photography and videography for industrial, medical and preventative and predictive maintenance purposes.

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